Location Update

I’ve removed the link to Hybrid at Gnoma, because evidently they’re rebuilding and I’m not sure my stuff will be at the new location. So for now, you can find my stuff at Studio Hera (link on left), or on XStreetSL (link also on left).

Thanks, all!

Welcome to Gadge Allen Design

Hi everyone. I’m going to jump right in, telling you all about some new items I just started selling in Second Life. I’ll have more soon, so please stay tuned!


These flea collars (both flea and non-flea versions are included in each pack) come in four designs: Kanji (shown above), a fishbone design, and one with St. Rita (the patron saint of impossible cases), and St. Gertrude (patron saint of cats!). They’re script resizable by clicking the bracelet and choosing your size. 160 Lindens for 10 collars, two of each color. Copy/Mod/No Transfer

fishbone-ad st-gertrude-ad st-rita-ad

In addition to the flea collars, I made a couple of bracelets. Both are silver sculpties, with a medallion face that features an animated lightning bolt:


or a stylized “Oui” :


100 Lindens each, Copy/Mod/No Transfer, script resizable.

Lastly, a couple years ago, I was at a food store near here and put 50 cents into a bubble gum machine that sold these trinkets. I ended up getting a little necklace with rainbow rings on it, which made me laugh cuz it was so perfect. Anyway, I’ve reproduced those rings on an earring and decided to call it ‘Hell YES I’m proud!’ I put a left and a right earring into the pack, and they’re copy and mod, so you can wear more than one if you’d like! 100 Lindens for a pack including both left and right earring.


For now, my stuff can be found on xstreetsl, under my name, Gadge Allen, or at Studio Hera (turn right when you go in the front door ;)).